Workforce Solutions Launches “Jobs Now” Page

Workforce Solutions Launches “Jobs Now” Page

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas has launched a new page that helps connect job seekers directly to employers.

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Because of the need for essential workers across many industry sectors and the large volume of traffic on the State’s job site, Workforce Solutions of Central Texas is posting jobs that are hiring now in Central Texas.

“We began to hear from job seekers that they have had trouble registering on the state web site. Our priority is to connect people with jobs so we decide to provide an alternative to view those opportunities. It is certainly a unique and critical time for the workers in Central Texas” said Susan Kamas the Executive Director of the Central Texas Workforce Board. “Families are being impacted by job loss while at the same time many employers are trying to connect with new talent”.

From April 4 to April 10, there were more than 2,300 unique job postings for the Central Texas region that spanned multiple industry sectors with the leader being healthcare. Louis LeDoux, Chief Operating Officer wants job seekers to know that Workforce Solutions is there to assist customers. “The facilities may be closed but we are still operating to serve the needs of Central Texas. We have the infrastructure in place for staff to assist the needs of our customers remotely and we are still focused on meeting their needs”.


The Jobs Now! page helps job seekers to easily identify the jobs and the employers in our area. The page can be found at

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