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Workforce Solutions of Central Texas provides Vocational Rehabilitation Services to ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to necessary services to help reach employment goals. When you are ready to begin exploring your options, we are ready to help you!

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas

Vocational Rehabilitation

The VR program helps eligible people with disabilities prepare for, find, retain, or advance in competitive integrated employment and helps youth and students prepare for post-secondary opportunities. 

Employers can get help recruiting, hiring, retaining and accommodating employees with disabilities through customized services, disability awareness training and presentations, worksite and job process assessments, referrals, and more.

Services are based on eligibility and your individual needs. For more information about vocational rehabilitation services and to locate your nearest Texas Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation Services office, contact us or visit the Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Services website.

Email: customers@twc.state.tx.us
Phone: 1 (800) 628-5115

Services for adults

TWS-VRS provides services to help bridge the gap between you and meaningful employment.

Some examples of services are training, counseling, medical services, artificial arms and legs, hearing aids, transportation, sign language interpreters, Braille instructions, orientation and mobility instruction for individuals who have visual impairments, on-the-job supports, and help to find a job.

You probably won’t need all of these services, and there may be other services that you do need that are not on the list. Your counselor will provide you with information about available options and alternatives in selecting the services you need for successful employment.

Eligibility for services does not depend on your income. A person is eligible for vocational rehabilitation services if he or she meets the following requirements:

– Has a physical or mental disability that results in substantial barriers to employment.
– Requires VR services to prepare for, obtain, engage in, retain or advance in employment.
– Is able to benefit from services, as determined by the ability to obtain, retain, or advance in competitive integrated employment upon completion of VR services

Call: 800-628-5115

Visit: the office nearest you and request an appointment to meet with a TWS-VRS counselor

Email: customers@twc.state.tx.us. In your email, include your name, phone and address including city, state and ZIP code.  Do not include your Social Security Number or birth date.

Please let us know if you need translator services or other accommodations for your appointment.

If you have a concern with any TWC vocational rehabilitation decision regarding your vocational rehabilitation services, try to resolve the concern with your TWC vocational rehabilitation counselor and his or her supervisor.

If your concern is still not resolved, see Appeal a Vocational Rehabilitation Decision to learn about your rights to appeal a determination.

Services For Youth + Students

Get help preparing for post-secondary education and employment opportunities through the following individualized services.  Services are based on eligibility and your individual need, and are provided in collaboration with the family, high school, community college, or Educational Service Center.

Receive core services, as needed, to help prepare for post-secondary education and employment opportunities:

  • Vocational counseling, including counseling in job exploration and post-secondary training opportunities
  • Counseling on opportunities for post-secondary education such as college, vocational schools, etc.
  • Work-based learning experiences, including internships and on-the-job training
  • Training in workplace and employer expectations
  • Training in self-advocacy and social skills

The SEAL Program is a statewide strategy that provides employment transition services, including work readiness training and paid work experience to students with disabilities. The program is offered during the summer months, when students are out of school.

For more information contact our Student Hireability Navigator.

Additional Resources

74.6 million people in the U.S. have a disability that affects their physical capacity either temporarily or permanently. Here is a guide for you containing information about laws that protect you, advocacy groups, and other helpful resources.

As part of our commitment to providing services to all Central Texas citizens, we provide accessibility equipment in designated areas of our centers and assist people with disabilities in their employment search. 

  • Designated workstations.
  • Screen reading software/Screen magnification software.
  • Relay Texas provides telephone interpreting service between people who can hear and those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or speech-disabled.
    TDD: 1 (800) 735-2989
    Voice: 1 (800) 735-2988
  • Wireless keyboards with extra-large character font and trackball mice.
  • Wheelchair accessible facilities.
  • Accessible websites, including WorkInTexas.com. If you find part of our website is not accessible with your technology, please let us know so you can be provided with the information in an alternative format.
  • Speech-to-Speech (STS) a free telephone assistance service that helps people with speech disabilities who have difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone.
    STS Access Number: 1 (877) 826-6607.
    To try STS or get more information, contact Dr. Bob Segalman at 1 (800) 854-7784.

All of our centers and services are open to people with or without disabilities on a self-serve basis.

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas is proud to recognize several public and community organizations that provide helpful information and additional services for people with disabilities:

The ADA was formulated with the central belief that disabilities should not lessen a person’s right to have equal opportunities when seeking employment.

Read and learn about disclosing a disability, requesting accommodation, choosing a career and more.

Learn about Texas and Federal Laws that protect individuals with disabilities.

This guide provides an overview of Federal civil rights laws that ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities. To find out more about how these laws may apply to you, click HERE.

The Center offers a free ADA hotline for confidential guidance on disability rights issues. Click HERE for more information or call 800-949-4232.

TX Disability Resources &
Advocacy Organizations

Visit the links above for more information about services for people with disabilities and their families and caregivers.

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The Workforce Solutions of Central Texas System is an equal opportunity employer/programs. Equal Opportunity is the Law. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to people with disabilities.

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