Guidance from TWC – UI Claimants who’ve Received Overpayment Letters

TWC Guidelines - UI Claimaints who've Received Overpayment Letters

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TWC sent out overpayment letters this week to UI Claimants who received benefits for unreported wages. If a you are a UI Claimant and need to discuss an overpayment issue, the contact information to appeal is located in your letter. We do not have special contacts to handle these issues.

“Contact the Benefits Overpayment Collections department to request a payment plan, get information on where to send your payment, or get the balance of your overpayment. The Collections department is not able to investigate your claim or determine whether you have an overpayment. To discuss the reason you were overpaid, make changes/corrections, or for any other assistance with your unemployment claim, contact the Unemployment Tele-Center at 800-939-6631. To ensure timely service to customers needing assistance repaying an overpayment, we cannot forward messages. Please contact the Unemployment department directly using the contact information above”.


To make payment arrangements, contact Benefit Overpayment Collections, using one of the following contact methods:

  • Mail: Benefit Overpayment Collections
    Texas Workforce Commission
    101 E 15th St, Rm 556 Austin, TX 78778
  • Call: 512-936-3338
  • Fax: 512-936-3799
  • Email:

To discuss a Notice of Potential Overpayment letter, contact Benefit Investigations by calling 800-950-3592.

More information provided at TWC Website

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