Employer Initiatives

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas’ Youth Program, Wingspan, is dedicated to empowering the next generation of successful and independent young adults by guiding them through career possibilities and establishing a solid foundation of skills, training, and experience.

Skills Development Fund

A Texas public community college, technical college, Workforce Development Board, or the Texas A&M Engineering Extension
Service applies for the grant, in partnership with a business, business consortium or trade union, which provides:


• Up to $500,000 per business, more for consortiums, for customized training needed by the business.
• Target average cost per trainee of $2,000.00
• Training for full-time, regular employees. (this is not a change, but a clarification. Temps working 40-hour weeks do not
qualify and never have)
• $44 million in overall funding available for the 2020-21 biennium.


The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides the opportunity for businesses to partner with their local community college to apply for training dollars through the Skills Development Fund (SDF). The Skills Development Fund program assists businesses and trade unions by financing the design and implementation of customized job-training projects. This fund successfully merges business needs and local customized training opportunities into a winning formula to increase the skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce.

Recruit Texas

Allows public community or technical colleges an opportunity to provide intensive and rapid response to, and support
services for, employers expanding in or relocating operations to Texas and that will provide complex or high-skilled employment opportunities. The Recruit Texas program focuses on the following:

• Developing customized workforce training programs.
• Fast-track curriculum development.
• Workforce training-related support services for employers.
• Instructor certification necessary to provide workforce training.
• Acquiring training equipment necessary for instructor certification and employment.

Skills for Small Business

A small business with fewer than 100 employees applies for the grant which provides:


• Up to $1,800 for tuition and fees per new hire, per 12-month period.
• Up to $900 for tuition and fees per incumbent employee, per 12-month period.
• Training for full-time employees.
• Training selected from courses offered by a Texas public community or technical college
or the Texas Engineering Extension Service.
• Employers must pay prevailing wages in the local labor market for the trainees funded under the grant.

Self-Sufficiency Fund

A private, nonprofit 501c3 community-based organization, public community college, technical college, or state extension
services applies for the grant which provides:


• Training for adult recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental
Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) or individuals at risk of becoming dependent on public
assistance which includes individuals earning less than $37,000 and who are the parent (custodial or non-custodial) of a
dependent child.
• Training must result in an acceptable industry-recognized certification that leads to permanent full-time
employment opportunities.
• 60% of trainees in the project will be required to complete training, receive an industry certification and must be placed in
full-time permanent employment.
• Target cost per trainee $2,100.
• Applicant may receive up to $500,000 for projects.

Industry Partnership Program

The Local Workforce Development Board (board) applies for the grant and collaborates with eligible Private Industry or
Industry Foundations (Industry Partner(s)) to leverage funding to provide high-demand occupational job training in their local
workforce areas. The grant provides:

• Up to $150,000 per board.
• Boards receiving grants will use the funds to match dollar for dollar up to $150,000 of Industry Partner(monies used to
provide the high-demand job training in the six designated industry clusters (Advanced Technologies and Manufacturing,
Aerospace and Defense, Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Information technology, Petroleum Refining and Chemical
Products, Energy).
• TWC matching funds awarded under this grant must be used to support Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
(WIOA)-allowable, high demand job training activities and related direct costs.
• To be eligible for TWC matching funds, Industry Partner(s) funds must be spent on high demand job training within the six
industry job clusters.

JET Grant Program

Texas public community, technical and state colleges and Independent School Districts (ISDs) can apply for a JET grant to
purchase and install equipment necessary for the development of career and technical education courses or programs that
lead to a license, certificate or post-secondary degree in a high-demand occupation.

• $16 million available for the 2020-21 biennium.
• 6-member JET Advisory Board (www.texasworkforce.org/jetboard) assists TWC in the administration of the grants.
• ISDs must be entered into a partnership.

Workforce Development Board Partners

TWC also partners with the 28 Workforce Development Boards (boards) located statewide to further assist businesses with
solutions to its workforce needs. These valuable services can significantly reduce the cost of recruiting, retaining and training
employees. Services include:

• Recruitment and screening for qualified employees
• Training and training support
• Assistance in obtaining tax credits
• Labor market information