COVID-19 Child Care & Early Learning Information for Essential Workers

COVID-19 Child Care + Early Learning Information for Essential Workers

f you are an essential worker and you need emergency child care during the COVID-19 Pandemic public health crisis, we can help you!

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If you are an essential worker or employed with an essential business and child care is absolutely necessary, please review and complete the eligibility form below to determine if you are potentially eligible for financial assistance.

Many families and child care programs in our community have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time many essential workers are required to continue working and essential businesses remain open.

Essential workers and businesses include the following:

  • Pharmacy and health care workers
  • First responders
  • Critical local and state government staff
  • Mail and delivery service staff
  • Nursing home, child care, home health care, and other direct care providers
  • Grocery store staff
  • Gas station staff
  • Bank staff
  • Restaurant (with drive-through and delivery) staff
  • Military personnel
  • Any other workers deemed essential by the Texas Workforce Commission or Local Workforce Development Boards

Please complete this form to apply for Emergency Child Care:

Submit your form here. You may also include any attachments that would help us to process your application more quickly.

Once we have received your completed form you will be contacted by an eligibility specialist to determine if you qualify for financial assistance, and if funds are currently available.


If you need help locating a provider that is open and accepting new children, you can visit the Frontline Child Care Availability Portal at This website will allow essential workers to search for available child care near their home or work, and it will display a map of licensed child care centers, licensed homes, and registered homesalong with each facility’s operating hours and the number of open seats for each age group at the facility.

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