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TANF Applicants


Please Take the Time to Fill out and Print the WOA Applicant form after completing the orientation for verification.

Course Overview:

This presentation will help participants understand how they can successfully participate in the CHOICES program, provide information about services available to CHOICES participants, and how Workforce Solutions can help you. Additional resources are available below the presentation, including a transcript and a downloadable copy of the slides.

**It is important that you complete the WOA Applicant Participation Form after viewing the presentation in order to verify your participation.**


Welcome to Workforce Solutions of Central Texas’ “Workforce Orientation for TANF Applicants”.


Killeen/Temple customers must complete the full orientation, print a verification certificate, & then speak with a Choices specialist.


For those in Milam, Lampasas, Mills, Hamilton, & San Saba Counties, print the verification certificate and take it to your local HHSC office.


About The CHOICES Program

We are in the business of helping our customers find jobs as fast as possible.


Services are available to give you tips and skills to look for and get a job.


More than 70% of our customers find jobs within 6 weeks! So, give us a few minutes of your time to see how you can get started.


Work and Your TANF Application

Once work is reported to HHSC, it is still possible to be certified for TANF. Your Texas Works Advisor will let you know if you are eligible. If you get employed before you are certified for TANF, you are eligible for Child Care

If you are working at least 25 hours per week and a work-related expense of $100!

How Will Work Affect My Medicaid?

For many TANF recipients, HHSC will allow you to continue receiving TANF and Medicaid for 4 more months after you have gone to work!

When no longer eligible for TANF, you and your family can continue receiving Medicaid for up to 12 months.

Medicaid and CHIP

If you as a parent are no longer eligible for Medicaid, you can look to get help paying for health insurance through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Simplified Children’s Medicaid: provided at no cost to qualifying children. Contact your Texas Works Advisor for more information.

CHIP: children’s medical coverage for families that earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid or who can’t afford private insurance. Call 1-800-647-6558 for more information.

Will Work Affect My Food stamps?

Most customers that go to work do continue to receive Food Stamps. It depends upon the amount of monthly income that you earn and your household size. On the following slide are some income limits that you may use as a guide to see if you could still get Food Stamps. *See your HHSC Texas Works Advisor for final eligibility determination.


Why Do I Need My Paystubs?

You must report your employment to avoid losing your family’s benefits such as Medicaid, housing, child care, Food Stamps, & TANF.

In many cases, you’ll have to provide your pay stubs as verification of your wages. This is the easiest way to see if your family still qualifies for services.

To Whom and When Do I Report Work?

HHSC Texas Works Advisor – You have 10 days to report income that affects your TANF and Food Stamps.

Choices Workforce Specialist – Report work ASAP and ask for TANF Applicant Child Care or the Work-Related Expense by calling the number below for your area. (Print this page to take home with you!)

Temple/Gatesville area: (254) 742 – 4461

Killeen/Cove area: (800) 460-8801 ext 2234

San Saba area: (800) 460-8801 ext 2216

Lampasas/Hamilton area: (800) 460-8801 ext 2216

Cameron/Rockdale area: (800) 774-3009 ext. 4473



CHOICES is a service provided by Workforce Solutions of Central Texas that helps Choices eligible customers find jobs as fast as possible.

Each CHOICES customer will receive individual attention and services from a Workforce Specialist.

CHOICES services will be provided at NO COST to you and your family for as long as you are eligible for Choices and meeting weekly participation requirements.

CHOICES Services

Financial Assistance:


Weekly Gas Allowance

Bus Passes

$100 for work-related expenses

Job-Skills Training:


Learn Job search tips

Interviewing skills

Professional Resumes

Online Job Applications

Other Services:


No Cost Childcare

Community Referrals for Family Needs

GED Exam Payment

Community Referrals for Family Needs

Job Referrals

CHOICES Participation Schedule

Most customers will have the following participation schedule in Choices:


Six (6) weeks of Job Search/Job Readiness (if not already employed) followed by unpaid volunteer work to gain work skills until you get paid employment 30 hours or more a week.


TANF Check Limits

If certified, HHSC will give you either 12, 24, or 36 TANF checks depending on your work history and education.

If you use all your checks, you will not be allowed to receive TANF as a parent for 5 years.

The Federal Check limit is a lifetime limit of 60 checks.

If you use all 60 checks, there is a lifetime freeze-out from TANF for the entire family!

It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your check limit does not expire by taking advantage of CHOICES services to help increase your family’s income

Pay for Performance (Please Read Carefully)

Beginning September 1, 2003, mandatory TANF recipients must meet all Choices weekly participation requirements each month while on TANF or risk a Full Family Sanction.


If sanctioned, you will lose your family’s entire TANF check for at least one month.


You will also lose your adult Medicaid for at least one month unless you are under 19 or pregnant.


If you receive a Full Family Sanction, you will have to meet all Choices weekly participation requirements in the month after you receive your penalty.


If you do this, you can re-instate your TANF benefits after you serve your one month with no TANF.


If you do not, your TANF case will be denied and you must re-apply for TANF benefits.


If you have to re-apply for TANF because of a Choices penalty, you must cooperate with all Choices participation requirements for 4 consecutive weeks before your TANF case will be approved.


If you are completely unable to work for more than 180 days, provide a doctor’s verification of this to your HHSC Texas Works Advisor as soon as possible while you are waiting to be certified.


You will NOT be required to participate in Choices if HHSC says you are exempt from participating.


While You Are Waiting to be Certified

Visit a Workforce Center for employment-related services at the following locations:


Killeen: 300 Cheyenne (800) 460-8801 ext 2234

Temple: 201 Santa Fe Way, Ste. 101 & 201 (254) 742 – 4461

Lampasas: 523 E Third St (512) 556-4055

Rockdale: 313 N. Main St. (800) 487-7520

Thank You

Thank you for completing this orientation. We are looking forward to serving you.

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For information contact Workforce Solutions of Central Texas, 300 Cheyenne, Killeen, TX. 76542 Phone: 254-200-2234 Fax: 254-200-2201


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**It is important that you print a copy of your certificate and obtain a signature from Workforce Solutions staff  in order to verify your participation.**

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