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If you have been selected for one of these programs and would like additional information, please contact your nearest Workforce Solutions Office. Certain programs provide funding for child care assistance, transportation, work-related expenses, and other career support services. 

choices TANF

Any parent, including a minor parent, in a household receiving TANF assistance, may be required to engage in CHOICES activities in order to continue receiving TANF.  


choices ncp

CHOICES (NCP) is a collaboration with the Texas Attorney General's Office that assists unemployed or under-employed non-custodial parents who are behind on child support. 


SNAP e+t

The program requires persons age 16 – 59 receiving benefits to participate in work, training, or other employment activities unless they are exempt under the law.

TWC's SNAP E+T Guide

Workforce Solutions provides job search assistance and support services to persons receiving benefits who may need job assistance to expedite their re-employment.

Selection into The CHOICES or SNAP E+T program takes place when an individual files a new application for public assistance, and features a Work First policy that focuses on helping families transition to self-sufficiency through connection to the resources they need to overcome barriers to employment.

Incentives and activities are designed to encourage participants to maintain employment.

Job retention is a critical part of the program. This leads to an increased likelihood of achieving lasting independence through opportunities for career advancement, increased wages, and employer-provided medical benefits.

Participation in the program is mandatory. Failure to participate without good cause can result in a sanction from Texas Department of Health + Human Services that discontinues all of the family’s TANF or SNAP benefits,  adult family member’s Medicaid benefits, and support services.

what's next? (CHOICES TANF)


Orientation to the CHOICES TANF program. You will receive a form from HHS, which you must bring when you attend orientation. 


Assessment of your needs to include a career plan, job-matching tools, workshops, and the use of the Career Center resources.


Referral to support services which may include:  GED, ESL and higher education and training resources; services for veterans or youth, and more. 

Customer Stories

tips + tools

Communication and participation are key to maximizing the benefits of services and support that Workforce Solutions has to offer.

To ensure that you maintain program compliance, keep BOTH your assigned Specialist and HHSC (if you are on TANF or SNAP) up-to-date on any change to your job-search status or contact information.

Participation Requirements

Office staff must report on your CHOICES Work Activities and verify that you are meeting participation requirements. The hourly program requirement is based on each participant’s situation.
  • A single parent with no children under the age of six is required to participate a minimum weekly average of at least 30 hours.
  • A single parent with children under age six must spend at least 20 hours in activities per week.

Two-parent families that are not receiving CCS are required to have one or both adults in the family participate a minimum weekly average of 35 hours.

Two-parent families that are receiving CCS are required to have one or both adults in the family participate a minimum weekly average of 55 hours.

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